The Opening Reading

Introduction to this Stress and Anxiety Overcomer's Event

This educational program is made possible by PeachTree and by TranSeed Technologies. It's aim is to offer those experiencing stress and anxiety a clear understanding and a set of skills designed to promote sustained serenity and peace of mind. We call it, "Overcoming."

Anxiety is a thorn in the sides of those who experience it regularly. We challenge the thinking and habits that have led us into patterns of anxiety, and begin to develop thinking and habits that lead to serenity. These events are open to all that are interested in learning how to overcome.

The process here involvs education, mentoring, coaching, and skills building. It is neither counselling nor therapy. The events are not affiliated with any anonymous programs or treatment organizations. This approach is more akin to workshops, intensive weekends, and personal growth programs.

We recommend you attend five events before deciding whether this process fits your needs. A lifetime of habits and misunderstandings cannot be reversed in a few weeks. We make progress as we experience relaxation during these events and begin to achieve the same peace of mind on a continuous basis once we have learning the skills needed to do so.

We hope that, when you set time aside to attend these events and practice what you learn as a regular part of your weekly self care, you too will experience freedom from troublesome patterns of stress and anxiety.


If you are here for reasons other than your own personal growth, we respectfully ask that you leave the meeting now. You can instead read about our PeachTree services and the Stress and Anxiety Overcomer's Events by selecting the link buttons provided for those public pages.

Although you can dial into these events, we encourage you to use the Zoom Meeting app. It can be downloaded for Android, iPhone, MacOS, LINUX, and Windows.

Using the app is easy, and it can improve your educational and social experience. We also encourage participants to follow along in the outline posted on the web page dedicated to each topic and sub-topic. Some events will have links to other media and materials, so Internet access is recommended. The Zoom app has a button to change between Bluetooth and speaker phone too.

To avoid background noise, we may mute all those except the one who is currently speaking. Except when the muting is locked, you can unmute yourself using the Mute/Unmute button on the Zoom app. Those who dial into the meeting can use *6 (star-six) to toggle between muted and unmuted.

We do not use profanity or judge one another's character at these events, and we do not cross-talk. We define cross-talk as commenting on what others have said or telling them what to do or believe. Instead, we keep our focus on ourselves during these educational events.

When sharing, understand that we are balancing the use of time between educational materials and opportunities for attendees to share. For this reason, we ask that attendees keep their shares to two minutes. We find that, what first appears as a constraint, in the long run, reduces stress and anxiety. It teaches attendees to express themselves with thrift, precision, and confidence.

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