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Clinical Practice, Technique, and Theory

Stress and Anxiety

These workshops, sessions, and forums provide professionals with tools and information to augment the treatment of one of the most common self-reported complaint sets: Stress, anxiety, and other fear and competition based distresses.

Pathways to Brighter Future

These workshops, sessions, and forums examine ways to deliver more advanced life skills to clients and patients.

Addiction and Recovery

These workshops, sessions, and forums develop knowledge in areas related to addiction, avoidance, and sustainable recovery.

Research Topics

Extensions of the Addiction Model

Just as the concept of democracy was once limited to an educated elite and extended to the less educated, to both genders, and across races as human kind advanced morally, ethically, and intellectually, so has the notion of addiction and what it legitimately and functionally includes.

QGT — Quantitative Geno-environmental Therapy

QGT is an evidence and outcomes based framework for therapeutic intervention, treatment, aftercare, and research inquiry. The framework is based on the following prior theoretical frameworks.

The framework has the following characteristics.

The PeachTree Position

Behavioral Therapy, CBT, DBT & Mindfulness, 12 Step Facilitation (TSF), Creative Therapies, and other modalities each have their place in the clinical tool set. PeachTree Therapeutics embraces these within the context of the QGT quality assurance framework. The increased effectiveness of continual improvement the match of modalities to the self-reported and professionally detected risks to individuals, couples, families, and communities is part of our clinical and business models.

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