Group & Family Therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a unique experience which can have great impact because feedback is given by the trained therapist and the other group members. Sheila Owen LCSW has decades of experience facilitating groups with topics such as mindfulness, stress and anxiety, coping skills, relapse prevention and family groups.

Groups have positive influence by helping people relate to others, giving and receiving support, realizing they are not alone in their struggles, expressing feelings, and speaking up in communicating with others. Sheila uses positive reinforcement and cognitive behavior therapy during group sessions. Her feedback is respectful and supportive.

Family Therapy

When a person suffers from a mental health disorder such as depression or schizophrenia, his family members will most likely be affected in some way. Family members can experience emotional pain, stress, trauma symptoms, shame, and financial problems and may benefit from seeking their own counselling for these issues. Children who are growing up with a parent afflicted by mental illness may be too young to understand why their parent is not well or acting unusually. Read More